TREVOR HILL - You too can be sure! Sure of what?? Read on....


“In a world that is constantly changing how can I be sure?” was a line of a song as I was growing up, but it asks a very important question. In a world of earthquakes, tsunamis and disasters can we be sure of anything? As someone has correctly said the only certainty in life is that we are going to die.

I believe there is something important we can be sure of before we die and it is a place in GOD's heaven. How can anyone be sure of such a thing I hear you ask - please read on....


Like many of us growing up I heard the Gospels being read each week and as a child I heard that GOD loved me and had a plan for my life. I was inquisitive about this love and plan so I stayed behind at a children’s meeting one day to inquire. The man I asked read a verse from John's Gospel chapter 3 and verse 16 which  said, “For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS one and only SON that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish but have eternal life.”  He asked me to repeat the verse and to put my name  in place of the word world which I did and what a difference it made. It is one thing to believe that GOD loves the world but a very different thing to believe that GOD loves me personally. That day I asked GOD to forgive me for all the wrong I had done and to take control of my life and help me live as HE wanted me to

While I was not aware of the significance of that decision which is over 50 years ago, all I can say is that GOD has given a real purpose and meaning to my life and a complete assurance based on the truth of HIS Word, not my goodness, of my place in heaven. Throughout all the ups and downs of life which we all go through HE has proved to be a real rock and foundation in my life.


My friendship with HIM is totally based on HIS love for me, which was expressed through HIS Son JESUS being willing to die on the cross for the things I have done wrong, and to offer me the gift of a new life to start with. This is a very real and precious relationship HE has given me and it has worked in my life up to now. I am no one special, just an ordinary person, like you who are reading this but I do want to share with you that this really works and can work for you no matter what your situation is or what circumstances you are in.


If you have any doubt about heaven and your place in it, you too can be sure by asking the LORD to forgive you and inviting HIM to take control of your life. I can assure you if you do so you will never regret it. If you would like to know more please contact me on 087 7926602 or email me at 

Thank you for taking the time to read part of my story

God bless you and your day    -    Trevor Hill


PS  'If you meet me and forget me you will lose nothing

       If you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him you will lose everything'


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