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River Of Life is composed of a group of people living in the Midlands area, drawn from many different social, religious and cultural backgrounds.

The common thread we share is that each one of us has experienced a life changing encounter with the love of God.

Our desire is to create a safe place where love, acceptance and friendship flourish and each one can continually grow in their knowledge of the truth of God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit

We are a community based Church for all the family.


To Know Jesus  -  To Be Like Him  -  To Make Him Known


To Know Him 

there is no greater joy to experience in this life than coming to know Jesus in a personal life changing way

To Be Like Him 

the main focus of every Jesus follower is to grow to be more like Him in how we think, what we do and what we say

To Make Him Known 

good news is for sharing – we seek to live our lives in a way that reflects the beauty of Jesus to those we come in contact with in our daily lives 


The Bible is the inspired Word of God and foundational to who we are and what we do. It teaches us the following:

  • God is good and has an excellent plan and purpose for every person.

  • It is our sin and wrong choices that prevent us from experiencing God’s best.

  • God has provided a solution for our sin through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • To begin experiencing God’s best for our lives, we need to acknowledge our sin, ask for and receive His forgiveness, and accept God’s free gift of new life.

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