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We believe God created each person in His own image. His desire in doing so was that we would live in peace, harmony and union with Him. Our wrong choices, selfishness and sin stop us from doing that. Even so God still wanted to have a close friendship with each one of His creation, so He made a way possible through the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

When we acknowledge and confess our sin to Him, He willingly forgives and cleanses us from     all our sin and restores us for the purpose He created us in the first place, a genuine friendship with Himself. He doesn’t give us a new start in life, He actually gives us a new life to start with.

We are then free to start living in a way that pleases Him. As we spend time getting to know Him better, as in any relationship, we discover new things about Him and our love and knowledge of Him grows and deepens. 


The goal of every true follower of Jesus is to grow to be more like Him in every aspect of our daily lives. This is a lifelong process.           We grow to be more Christlike in the following ways :  (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • by how we think – changing our selfish thinking to line up with God’s thinking

  • by how we speak – seeking to encourage and build ourselves and others up not tear down

  • by what we do – desiring to put the needs of others before our own 

  • by co-operating with the Holy Spirit to change our old selfish nature into a new nature that puts God first in every aspect of our lives

There are certain things we can do to help the above process :

  • daily time talking with and listening to God

  • daily time reading and meditating on God’s Word

  • daily time with other like-minded people




Good news is for sharing. When we come to know Jesus in a personal way that changes our lives for the better, we so want others to experience that same reality for themselves. 

We seek to make Jesus known because of who He is and what He has done.

We seek to share with family, friends and others in our community the benefits of knowing Jesus personally and the difference Hemakes in our lives. These benefits influence areas such as marriage, family, friends, school/college, work, recreation, hobbies and interests. 

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